With a small squad, it is wise to bet on a competition. 
We are betting on Limited All star.
We are betting on this because we get to use the bonus and can have a huge advantage in the future. 
We have like 8% on the best cards but our best forwards are very new they are at 6%.
This competition is mainly decided on Saturday only Tottenham play on Sunday.
We have a very good goalkeeper who we believe in a lot, the defender is very good and usually plays with our u23 team. 
Stuttgart is very good defensively. 
Dejan takes both corners and free kicks so he should get a little bonus sometimes. 
Hope he scores this weekend. 
They have a tough game which is common in the Premier League.
Quentin is the weak card happy if he fixes 50p. 
Kelechi is in great form, can both score and assist.
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