There’s no definite reason for why the casino card game of twenty-one is also called Black Jack. Naming the game after two cards in the deck would imply that they somehow have more value than all the rest. However, the most valuable card in a game of black jack are the aces which can make any hand better. The game starts off with each player getting two cards face down, while one of the dealer’s cards is turned face up. 

How to Play Black Jack

Black Jack is played between a number of players and a dealer. The object is to beat the dealer without going over twenty-one. Each number card in the deck holds the value on its face. There are even casinos that offer a bonus for getting twenty-one with three sevens. Each face card in the deck has a value of ten which actually makes them less coveted. Getting a face card increases your risk of going over twenty one and makes you less likely to get a five card Charlie (more on that later). The best card a player can get is an ace which can have a value of either eleven or one. Best of all, the player gets to decide the which number he or she prefers. If you’re dealt an ace and a face card or a ten, you’ve got black jack and most casinos will pay you at a 3/2 ratio.

Hit Me

If you get smaller cards like a two and a three, don’t fret. You can always increase the value of your hand by asking for a hit. Each time the dealer hits you, you’ll receive one card face up and it’s value is tallied to your total. If you continue to get small numbers, you could instantly win with a five Card Charlie which means you have five cars without going over twenty-one. Be careful when asking for a hit because a single ten can bust you. 

Doubling Down

Anytime you’re dealt a pair as your first two cards, you can split them. This means you’ll be essentially playing two hands on one turn. To do this you simply turn your pair up and place a second bet. Each card receives its own hits but this doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of winning. If you get a pair of aces, You’ll immediately want to split them, but be weary of splitting tens. If you split and the double down on both hands, you can increase your winnings four times fold. However, you also increase the amount you can potentially lose. Remember there is a lot of luck involved in playing Black Jack, because you never know when a ten is going to come. However, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to win at black jack and those with good fortune may want to try this game first. 


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